Yes, we treat children too!!

Yes, we treat children too!!
We often get the question “Do you treat children and babies?”  The simple answer is YES WE DO!!  Some people associate pediatric physical therapy with Children’s Hospitals.  Out patient physical therapy can treat a wide variety of conditions or injuries that occur with young children or babies.
Some of the diagnoses that we often see in physical therapy are Torticollis(the shortening of neck muscles that is often seen in babies and that is easily remedied by a few appointments with a physical therapist).  We see many children both pre teen and teens that have suffered from concussions whether is is sports related or not.  We also see children that may be toe walkers or have other abnormalities with their gait.  More and more we are seeing pre-teens for headaches and neck issues due to heavier back packs(weighing 15 pounds or more) and many that text or use tablets with incorrect posture.  
What should you expect during your child’s first visit to a physical therapist?  Our physical therapist would do a thorough exam, take history from one parent or both and set up a plan of care with goals to help the child successfully return to a prior level of function or allow the child to improve from an injury or condition.  We try to make the atmosphere as fun as possible for the child and allow the child to have a fun experience with physical therapy while allowing the therapist to help the child achieve the desired outcome.  Many of the sessions will include use of exercise balls, balloons, trampolines and toys to make the sessions fun!  
With the help of family, the child can have a positive experience with physical therapy, whether it be the support during the physical therapy session or follow through with the child with home exercises or guidance in activities outside of physical therapy.  Children have the advantage of being quick healers and quick to learn a technique or exercise.  We often see great success when treating the pediatric population.  All of our therapist are qualified to treat the pediatric population and we would welcome any questions regarding physical therapy for your child.  Even if you aren’t 100% sure if physical therapy should be the route you take, talking with a physical therapist can help guide the parent in making an informed decision about physical therapy.
Vivian Plummer-Benzick, LPTA, CSYI
Zimmerman Physical Therapy

November 10th, 2015

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