Weight Certifications in High School Wrestling (MN)

High school wrestling in Minnesota begins November 20.  At the beginning of each season weight certifications are performed with each wrestler.  The purpose of weight certifications is to establish the minimum weight that an athlete may safely participate at during the course of the season.  Determining in advance the safe minimum weight for a wrestler helps decrease unsafe practices for athletes attempting excessive weight reduction through food deprivation and/or dehydration.  The hazards of excessive weight reduction include, but are not limited to, reduced regulation of body temperature, kidney failure, and acute and/or chronic fatigue.

The wrestling weight permit form is complete annually between the first day of practice and Dec. 10th.

The procedure to complete the form includes:

  • skin fold measurements completed by a skinfold technician and the form is signed by the technician
  • the athlete’s weight is obtained by using a certified scale
  • the athlete’s weight and skin fold measurements are included in a formula to determine an athlete’s minimum allowed wrestling weight (7% body fat for males, 12% body fat for females)
  • the form is signed by a physician permitting the wrestler to participate at the calculated weight
  • the athlete’s parent signs the form permitting the wrestler to participate at the calculated weight

For more information on wrestling weight certifications including the weight certification form and the list of skinfold technicians please visit:
MSHSL Wrestling

October 31st, 2017

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