Tips that Will Save You Thousands $$$

$$$ Tips that Will Save You Thousands $$$
Have you every found yourself spending way more that you wanted to at the grocery store?? When leaving the grocery store with just a few bags of groceries in your hands, you couldn’t believe that you just spent $80?? I think we all can relate to this. I have learned tips and tricks of couponing from my mom who has been couponing for more than a decade. She saves over a thousand dollars per year using coupons. I couldn’t believe it was possible to save 30-50% on your grocery bill just by using coupons. There are a huge amount of printable/online coupons and discounts available now online. So in case you haven’t gotten into couponing, now is a great time to start. Here are some quick and easy tips for beginners.

#1 You can print off coupons online. Most all coupons can be printed about 2 times per computer monthly. Here are some of  the best resources to find online coupons:
a. can often go to and find items that you may have on your grocery list that are already on sale.
b.     Another amazing website that you can often find coupons and unadvertised deals is the, I love this site!!

#2: You can also find coupons in your Sunday newspaper. You will find mailer inserts such as Red Plum, P&G and Smart Source. There are a wide variety of coupons that range from cleaning products to groceries.

#3: Make sure you check the expiration date on the coupon: They must be used before they expire. They also have other restrictions to follow such as size, quantity, brand, make, etc.

#4, Lastly, there are apps that you can download on your phone for free. Are you a Target shopper? Personally, I love to shop at Target.  I combine my manufacturer coupons with the Target Cartwheel app on my phone. This app is very easy to use and it can save you up to hundreds per month. All you do is add offers to your cartwheel and then have the cashier scan the bar code on your phone at checkout.  It’s easy as that! Another easy app to use is Checkout 51. You can get cash back on milk, eggs, and everyday groceries.

Couponing does take time but it is worth it once you see your money savings! With Christmas arriving in a little over a month, you can start now to save extra money for gifts. Feel free to post any additional savings tips or post your favorite coupon website. We would love to hear from you! 

Kaitlyn Grell, LPTA
St.Francis Physical Therapy 

November 19th, 2016

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