The best free/low cost Christmas Events in MN!

Due to the seemingly never ending freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, & we all can understand the family agitation at times.. winter can be a rough time for a lot of people. Here in Minnesota, we all know this to be true. Especially this past week with the temperatures dropping all the way to -40°F! However even with these (sometimes awful) cold weather and snow, there are still some fun family events you can do in this last week leading up to Christmas – that are free to low-cost!

1. Bentleyville, Duluth
This is my personal favorite as the season goes on. Just a few hours north of the cities in Duluth, there is a beautiful, magical winter wonderland called Bentleyville. Here you walk through an amazing, interactive light show. As you walk you can stop and roast marshmallows, pick up some hot chocolate, cookies, and popcorn. Your little ones can even stop to meet Santa.. all for FREE! Click below for more information:

2. Holiday Lights in the Park, St. Paul
This is a fun light show around Phalen Lake/Park, that you actually just drive your car through. It costs $10 a car and it is a quick, fun family adventure! Click below for more information:

3. Celebrate the Light – Willmar
Celebrate the Light is a fun light show where all proceeds benefit The Salvation Army. Look for fun lights moving along with music, at this local yet magical place! Click below for more information:

There are so many more fun light shows and family activities, these are just the beginning! The link below has many, many more options to find something that might be closer to home, or more of an adventure for you and your family! Happy Holidays!!!

Alyssa Hart
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December 19th, 2016

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