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Put on your running shoes (or walking shoes) and get ready for the 5th Annual Chaos 5k Fun Walk/Run! Festivities will be held on Saturday October 13th, 2018 at 9am. We are super excited for this event that takes place in St. Francis, MN at the Rum River North County Park.

Get a team together this year to take part in the Chaos! Now you might be asking yourself… Why is it called the “Chaos 5k”? The name Chaos was chosen by our team at Physical Therapy Consultants (PTC) because of the fun our team brings to our communities. Throughout the route, CHAOS ensues at the most unexpected areas making it a unique and enjoyable experience for families, and friends. Top that off with some Halloween costumes and you have the making of a morning filled with non-stop laughter, excitement and fun.

The Chaos 5k Walk/Run is the perfect community event for people of all ages and physical abilities. The route follows the beautiful Rum River and is paved which allows you to bring strollers, wagon etc. We also have great activities for kids before and during the event as well as music and multiple chances to win prizes!

Even more rewarding than the fun and prizes is the opportunity to pay it forward! Each year PTC chooses a MN local non-profit organization to donate all the proceeds to. The past 3 years, PTC has chosen to donate to a wonderful organization called Citizen’s Supporting Our Armed Forces (CSOAF). CSOAF is dedicated to providing support to our MN troops who have been deployed. CSOAF provides this support by shipping care packages filled with essential items that are needed by the troops while still providing them a little piece of home.

We also hold a competition between our clinic locations to collect the most donation items. The clinic that is able to collect the most items by the date of the 5k wins a great prize! We love seeing all the support that comes from our patients and community members in gathering items for these men and women who are fighting for our country.

If you haven’t signed up for the 5k yet, no worries! Early bird registration is open until September 1st! Prices are very affordable at only $17 per person! Also for the first time ever, we are offering HUGE discounts for any teams of 4 people or more. Any teams of 4 or more will be able to register at $12 per person until September 1st! BIG SAVINGS!!

Register at! Teams of 4 or more can email Jackie at to redeem the discount and get registered for this great event.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday, October 13th, 2018.

August 24th, 2018

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The sun is shining and the snow is finally melting, which means it’s time to get outside! All winter long you have contemplated starting a running program, but where do you start?

Besides figuring what your goals are and finding the right program for you, having proper footwear is a must. There is no one right shoe for everyone. Everybody’s feet are different and finding the shoe that fits your foot the best will help decrease injury risk.

1) Get to the store and get your feet measured. (Even though you are an 8 in one brand it may be different in another)

2) Look for shoes geared towards running. Running shoes have different cushioning to allow for repeated impact day after day decreasing over-use injury risk.

3) Proper length and width: there should be about a thumbnails width between your longest toe and end of the shoe. The shoe should have enough width to allow your foot to slightly move side to side without rubbing.

4) Look at flex and arch support. The shoe should bend and crease where your foot does, along with having good support in your arch. Having shoes that create too much arch for your foot or flex in different areas can create arch pain or plantar fasciitis.

5) Buy shoes that feel comfortable on your foot. If the store has a treadmill, ask to walk or jog for a few minutes to see how your foot feels or walk up and down an isle a few times. Your instep should not feel pressure, if it does try different lacing techniques before changing shoe styles.

Helpful Tips:

1) Shoes typically last 300-500 miles

2) Try shoes on in the evening because our feet can swell later on in the day. This will decrease the chance of buying shoes that are too small.

3) If you wear orthotics bring them with you.

Kerra Pietsch, LPTA
Physical Therapist Assistant
Andover Physical Therapy

April 25th, 2018

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