Fit to Work Boomer

Aging in the workplace can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be. The Fit to Work Boomer program is designed to help you meet your job requirements and continue working safely and effectively.

The age of retirement is steadily increasing. You might find yourself working past the standard age of retirement for a variety of reasons that may include:

  • Maintaining/restoring financial stability
  • Obtaining/maintaining employer benefits
  • Social interaction
  • Maintaining “work family” relationships

The Fit to Work Boomer program decreases age related limitations and manages those limitations that may exist. This program is appropriate for you if you have:

  • A work related injury
  • Pain affecting your ability to participate in work or recreational activities
  • General weakness
  • Been hospitalized for an illness such as pneumonia
  • Before and after a surgical procedure
  • Chronic health conditions (COPD, CHF, diabetes, etc)

Your Fit to Work Boomer program will be individually designed to meet your goals and needs. Components of the program will address your cardiovascular fitness, job or recreation simulated activities, and whole body strength and conditioning.