Parkinson’s: LSVT-BIG

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition that affects neurons in the brain that produces dopamine. Dopamine helps to regulate your movements. Individuals with Parkinson’s disease have a difficult time recognizing the quality, intensity, and amplitude of their very own movements. This can often lead to abnormal movement patterns including uncoordinated gait, decrease balance, and diffculty with performing activities of daily living including dressing, bathing, cooking, cleaning, hobbies and leisure activity.

At North Branch Physical Therapy we have experts that are trained and certified in LSVT-BIG. LSVT-BIG is a treatment program that has been developed and scientifically researched to help improve your function, mobility, and quality of life if you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The LSVT-BIG program can only be conducted by an individual who is trained and certified in the program.

Your treatment program will incorporate LSVT-BIG protocols as well as address other concerns you may have including pain, weakness and loss of function. Education will also be provided to you and your family members/caregivers.