Making Working Out Fun Again!!

Making Working Out Fun Again!!
Many people enjoy working out however it can become boring doing the same thing over and over again. Here are a few fun ideas you can try when mixing up you workout routines.
Try a workout DVD. There is a vast assortment of DVDs featuring various types of exercise like Pilate’s, Zumba, kick boxing or yoga. These don’t need to be expensive. There are some options in your local Walmart or Target. However you-tube is a great resource too and it’s free… even better! 
Another thing to try is joining a group fitness class. Many are offered through Community Education or, if you are affiliated with a gym, are offered through the gym. The group classes can be encouraging because everyone one is working towards the same goal of becoming more healthy. Also it is a great way to meet people with the same interests. With an instructor at the head of the class, motivating and encouraging the group, it will surely help with getting the heart rate up and the sweat flying.
What about taking your workout out side? During the nice weather doing things like going for a walk with your pet or a friend can be enjoyable. Or going for a bike ride around your community or on the bike paths. Changing the scenery while working out can be the part that needs to change to make working out more enjoyable. 

In this article we discussed various ways to change up or workout routines to make them more enjoyable and not monotonous. Working out with a DVD or on-line class, joining a group fitness class and taking your workout out side were just a few options. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy what you are doing. If you enjoy the workout it won’t seem so much like a chore or requirement. Enjoy making your body stronger while having fun. 
Samantha Wheelock LPTA

February 22nd, 2016

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