Grilling Season Continued!

I would say about 75% of our meals are cooked on the grill during the summer and into the fall. Grilled food just has so much good flavor!

Tonight on the menu was grilled BBQ chicken, corn and broccoli! I am not going to lie, the kids were driving me crazy about dinner and even though they like BBQ chicken they had to throw a few moans and groans in there. I decided to do some natural chicken nuggets on the grill just to not deal with it. They actually turned out great!

Anyway, my new favorite vegetable to grill is broccoli. I throw it in a grilling wok with olive oil and Himalayan salt and the taste is undeniable! Even the broccoli haters will love it!

There is really nothing you can’t grill. We do pizza’s, meats, vegetables, and fruit all the time.

A fun dessert to grill is: Pineapple Sundaes!
• Grill rings of pineapple (fresh is best, canned just breaks apart to easily)
• Place a scoop of pineapple or coconut ice cream in the middle with a little drizzle of caramel sauce over the top! Pure Perfection!!

Have fun grilling and enjoy the rest of summer!

Kerra Pietsch, LPTA
Physical Therapist Assistant
Andover Physical Therapy

August 17th, 2018

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