Exercising while on Vacation!

Exercising while on Vacation!

Going on vacation and getting away from daily life is not only fun but good for the mind, body and soul. However keeping in mind you don’t want to throw everything out the window. I hear so many times, “who cares, you are on vacation!” Which it is fun and fine to indulge a little while on vacation keeping your health in mind is important too. 
No matter your destination there is always something you can do to get a little exercise!

  • Walk the beach or in town
  • Bike riding  (a lot of places will have rentals) 
  • Hiking
  • Swimming 
  • Skiing 
The list could go on and on with different activities to do. Changing up your normal routine is great for your muscles to be challenged and get away from the repetition. Getting out and being active will allow you to not only get your heart rate up but grant you the adventure to site see.

Even while in the room you are staying in, taking 10-15 min to run through some exercises, will keep your muscles from getting too lax. Bringing along some elastic bands that fold up so nicely and take up very little space, are great to have along. Also using just body weight it great, hitting the major muscle groups. Example: squats, lunges, heel raises, push up, tricep push ups, crunches, planks.

Taking a week off from everything isn’t going to effect you too much but anything more than that can. Recent studies have shown that even as little of 10 days of inactivity can start declining muscle and endurance efficiency but 10% and 20-25% by 4 weeks for the experienced exerciser.

Overall when going on vacation definitely take a vacation but getting out on the town is not only enjoyable, it can be beneficial to your health!!

Kerra Pietsch, LPTA
Andover Physical Therapy 

February 5th, 2017

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