Feeling burnt out in your typical exercise routine? Trying more of a cross-training approach may help.
What is cross-training? 
Cross-training is a method of physical training which a variety of exercises and changes in body position or modes of exercise are utilized.
Why is cross-training beneficial?

Reduce the risk of injury or help heal from a current injury.
  • By exercising different muscle groups, individuals are able to exercise more frequently and for longer durations. Spreading out the stress over different muscles and joints decreases overloading a certain group such as when only performing running. 
Improve overall total body fitness.
  • Developing muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness will allow and individual to improve their functional capacity with daily and recreational activity.
Maintain consistency with exercise.
  • With cross-training an individual is less likely to become a victim of boredom, adhering to a routine. Again due to working multiple muscle groups cross-training allows the individual to prevent injury and sticking with a program. 
Incorporating cross-training into a routine can be simple. Try varying the type of activity from workout to workout such as running one day, biking the next, then swimming the next. Or even alternate within the same workout (biking 10 min, walking 10 min, elliptical 10 min). 
There are many different forms of exercise such as biking, swimming, running, strength training, taking a group fitness class, etc. Allowing yourself to try new things will help keep you safe and keep exercising more interesting!!
Kerra Pietsch, LPTA, CFNC. 
Andover Physical Therapy

July 8th, 2016

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