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As Minnesota’s stay at home order takes effect on Friday, we want to reassure you that we remain open and are still accepting new patients at all 7 locations. We are classified as an essential business to provide essential care for our patients.

If you need Physical Therapy; Physical Therapy Consultants is the place to get care. It is our responsibility to help lessen the burden on our ER, Urgent Cares, and Primary Care Providers. We can treat your muscle and joint pain so they can focus on treating illness. We can see you right away without a doctor’s referral.

Your wellness is important to us. Which is why we are adding new policies in place to protect against COVID-19.

We adhere to the guidelines of The Minnesota Department of Health and center for Disease Control and Prevention and are in contact with them daily. We are implementing new features in our care policy to offer top-notch protection.

Safe-Zone Hours from 10am-2pm for At-Risk Population

A qualified at-risk individual includes expecting mothers, patients over the age of 60, and anyone who has an underlying health condition that takes them more vulnerable to illness.

We are aware of the needs of our At-Risk Population and have created a special safe zone time frame to meet their needs to ensure have the same opportunity to get care as others do. Effective Monday March 23rd 2020, we will have safe-zone hours between 10am-2pm that are exclusively the At-Risk population to visit. This safe zone is prepped by having everything re-sanitized prior to 10am and care will be performed in isolated areas. Safe-zone hours provides extensive distancing with patient separation of 6-20 feet.

Employee and Patient Screenings

We screen every patient and staff member to ensure anyone with symptoms stays out of the clinic.

Distancing from Others

We follow social distancing recommendations. Treatment will be performed 6-20 feet away from others.

Protective gear

Providers will wear masks and gloves while working with At-Risk patients. A mask will also be given to a patient at their request. We also have hand sanitizer and hand washing stations at all 7 clinic locations.

Disinfecting Surfaces and Equipment

We disinfect our equipment and surfaces routinely. We are ramping this up more by cleaning EVERY surface touched by someone.

In-home Physical Therapy Sessions and Virtual Visits

We offer in-home physical therapy visit or Telehealth visit at no additional cost to you. Please call 1-888-Therapy to set up your appointment if you have a preference of continuing care through these options.


Our commitment to your health and well-being is our priority. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily and will post updates as they arise.

*Update as of March 26th 2020

We will not be doing massage therapy appointments until May 1st 2020