Athletic Trainers in Occupational or Industrial Setting

Athletic Trainers in Occupational or Industrial Setting

Individuals who work in manufacturing plants, industrial facilities and even office settings are susceptible to a wide variety of overuse injuries (injuries that develop over time, often from repetitive overuse of a body part) and acute injuries (injuries that occur as a result of one particular event). These occupational injuries are surprisingly similar to those incurred by athletes on professional and amateur sports teams. The expense of workers’ compensation claims from such injuries can have a very negative effect on a company’s bottom line.

Health and safety managers increasingly recognize that the creation of occupational athletic training programs can benefit both the worker and the company. Businesses can utilize the variety of skills that Athletic Trainers have to create a specific program that is best for their employees and business model. Certified athletic trainers are highly qualified, motivated health care providers who help a company achieve its health, safety and profitability goals. They are knowledgeable in the design, implementation and measurement of injury prevention programs, claims reduction and return to work programs. Such programs can improve company productivity and even help reduce health care and insurance costs. There are an increasing number of survey results that all show, at a minimum, a 100% ROI for companies with an athletic trainer onsite.

In addition to my role in the Physical Therapy clinic and high school outreach setting, I have worked in the industrial setting since the beginning of 2008 for a local distribution center of a large company. My primary objective when onsite is to teach individuals how to safely perform their job tasks to avoid both acute and overuse injuries. I enjoy teaching not only the proper ergonomics of specific job tasks, but explaining why certain avoidable movements place them at risk of injury. I am also a resource for employees when they have health related questions or develop pain whether work related or not. Recognizing potential injuries early on is huge in being able to take that initial actions to keep conditions from becoming worse and potentially chronic. If you are involved in the safety team for your company, I would high recommend looking into what an athletic trainer can do for you! 

Dustin Eslinger, MA., ATC
Physical Therapy Consultants, Inc.

May 27th, 2015

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