Aging in the Modern Workplace

The future or work and the workers performing it is shifting. One noticeable change is the shifting of the median age of the labor force. The number of people performing labor jobs later in life continues to increase. In 1995 the percentage of employed adults planning to work past the age of 65 was 14%, in 2017 it increased to 39%. The significant increase in the median age of the workforce can be attributed to the overall population aging. The “baby-boomer” generation that was a result of surge in birth rate between 1946 and 1964 find themselves working past the age of retirement for a number of reasons. These include maintaining/restoring financial stability, maintaining employer benefits, and the social/work family circles that come with the workplace.

Workers continuing there job later into life have unique factors that must be considered. Veteran workers have knowledge of the job that only experience can create. These workers often are more cautious and often perform job tasks more safely, but also tend to have to work closer to their physiological limitations. It becomes important that the natural effects of aging are addressed to keep these employees working optimally. That is where the Fit for Work Boomer Programs fits in.

The Fit for Work Boomer Program decreases age-related limitations and manages those limitations that may exist. Our experts create individualized and group interventions to help workers. The Fit for Work Boomer Program addresses cardiorespiratory fitness and musculoskeletal health while understanding the effects of chronic health conditions. Our experts also work with employees and employers to create appropriate workplace accommodations when necessary.

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Dustin Eslinger, MA, LAT, ATC
Director of Athletic Training Services
Physical Therapy Consultants, Inc.

May 8th, 2019

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