Success Stories (What our patients are saying about us)
The mission of Physical Therapy Consultants, Inc. is to provide you the care you want and the results you need to help you live the life you deserve           
"When I first came here I was dealing with chronic pain in my hip. Even after the first treatment I felt better. It has been amazing to meet the therapists here in Andover. They found muscles I didn't know I had. That is a GOOD thing. I feel better than I thought possible. Thank you!" Connie, Andover Physical Therapy

"Wow, I am so impressed with all of you. I am so thankful that I was able to see 3 of you.  You all impress me with your knowledge and ability to build off of each other each session. You a phenomenal team and the way you talk about each other and support each others ideas is so encouraging. You guys are a really great team and I just want you to know that I appreciate you so much. Each one of you has collectively played an important roll in my recovery."

"I found why my hip clicked when I walked up our driveway after I finished my daily walk. With good therapy and kindness from everyone from the front desk to the wonderful therapists, and having Kaitlyn each visit was an advantage too!  She kinda knew my limits and would not insist I do all she ask! Thank you very much!" Twila, St. Francis Physical Therapy

"Gave me my life BACK! I am performing normal activities again, which adds joy and feeling of well being back to my life. Thanks so much." Connie, Andover Physical Therapy

"Came in with spinal stenosis, thought it would go away...... I felt confident immediately that I had made the right decision coming here. The gradual increase in exercises helped right away. Becca and the rest of the staff are very nice and professional." Linda, Isanti Physical Therapy

How did Andover Physical Therapy make your life better: "Not just by making the dizziness stop, but with their fun nature. See you all again soon." Danielle, Andover Physical Therapy

"I can come in with a ton of pain everywhere in my back. I worked hard through the pain to do the stretches and I am actually shocked my body doesn't feel as much pain anymore. I LOVE IT!!!  Not feeling pain anymore is the best thing ever and to get it for Christmas was even better. Thanks so much everyone at the Zimmerman Physical Therapy. Take care." Steven, Zimmerman Physical Therapy

"Came in here with lower back pain; after a few appointments doing all the exercises I feel 100% better, I am faithfully doing the stretches I learned an they really work." John

"Came to PTC about 3 months ago for therapy on both knees. Also had bad muscle cramps. Today is 12/2/16 and knees are better and cramps are almost non-existent. Paula and Melissa were great people and very courteous when setting up appointments and greeting me when I came in! Thanks to all the great professional I met along the way. Bill, Chad, Bre, and Jackie. If I still need help down the roach I know where to turn! Thanks much!" Wayne, Ham Lake Physical Therapy

"While marathon training, I started having a lot of pain and soon couldn't run at all.  Orthopedist prescribed Physical Therapy. They helped loosen my tight muscles and encourage core strengthening. I can now run 5 miles without pain. Thanks!" Michele

"When I started physical therapy, I was having knee pains all day long. Normal daily activities like climbing stairs and playing with my kids was challenging because of the pain. After seeing Laura and Viv. I am feeling 100% better. They gave me exercises and some tools to help gain strength and decrease my pain. The staff at Zimmerman Physical Therapy are very friendly and welcoming.!!" Nicole, Zimmerman Physical Therapy

"I hurt my back at work and I could hardly do anything at home or work. I started to come to Physical Therapy 3 times a week and my back started to get better and better everyday. Now my back is even better than before! Thank you!" Mariah

"Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  Everything done has helped me a lot.  I was most impressed with how well I felt after my care. Have not felt this good in many years."

"When I first started PT, I had a very weak neck and spine. My adjustments wouldn't hold and I was in constant pain. I also, had a hard time going up and down our stairs by evening. My neck is much stronger and I can turn it much farther from side to side. My core is much stronger-my back and hips haven't gone out of alignment for a couple months. I was decorating for Christmas and pulled 6 totes from under my crawl space for the first time in 2 years and I went up and down stairs many times and didn't feel weak or tired. A big change for me. Thank You!" -Janet, North Branch Physical Therapy

"I started PT unable to even turn a door knob due to arm pain. After I completed my PT regimen, I am pain free and have full range of my arm motion. The same is true of sciatic pain in my hip. It has decreased dramatically and I am very grateful." Wendy, Andover Physical Therapy

How did Andover Pysical Therapy make your life better: "It gave me the motivation to stick with PT so i can build up my core muscles." Suzanne, Andover Physical Therapy

"Thank you guys so much for helping me get back to a functioning knee! I wil forever remember all of you guys and making my experience here very fun! Thank you!" -Josie, Andover Physical Therapy

"I'm very glad to do therapy. It helped me more than all of you can imagine. Each and every one of you were very sweet and so kind, very helpful for me. I was not sure it would help me but I was wrong and I am so glad I came to do this. Thank you all." Floyd, Ham Lake Physical Therapy

"My recovery from bilateral knee replacement has been exceptional after going through 8 weeks of PT at the Ham Lake clinic. My therapists Breanna and Chad were knowledgeable, professional and developed a great plan for me. During each session they asked questions, listened, encouraged and "pushed" me (we had a lot of fun with that) for improvement. Ther rest of the staff, Paula, Melissa, Becky and Gail also contributed to my recovery. They were friendly, organized, and professional. Thanks to all." Glen, Ham Lake Physical Therapy

"My frozen shoulder came on slowly and with the help of therapy, it is almost normal. I know it would be worse without this help. I am pain free and so glad I came here! Everyone was great and if I ever need more help, I'll come back here! Thanks!"

"Came in with numb fingers and stiff neck and shoulder. After completing all treatments and exercises, I am pain free!!" Mary, Isanti Physical Therapy

"My name is Bridgette, I was experiencing some vertigo on and off for about a week. I shared my experiences with people and most said there wasn't any treatment for vertigo.  One person told me I could be treated by a physical therapist. When I woke up extremely dizzy and vomiting, my 1st call was to physical therapy.  With one treatment the dizziness and vomiting ended. Thank you so much. Thank you Brent and Chad! If I ever get dizzy again, I know where to go and I will tell everyone! Thank you!" Bridgette

"The ladies are a blessing here! I need more therapy checking back and I hope soon!!" Mac, Clinic unknown

"My name is Bridgette, I was experiencing some vertigo on and off for about a week. I shared my experiences with people and most said there wasn't any treatment for vertigo.  One person told me I could be treated by a physical therapist. When I woke up extremely dizzy and vomiting, my 1st call was to physical therapy.  With one treatment the dizziness and vomiting ended. Thank you so much. Thank you Brent and Chad! If I ever get dizzy again, I know where to go and I will tell everyone! Thank you!" Bridgette

"I came to physical therapy after more than a year of plantar fascitis pain. The pain stopped me from doing any of my normal life activity.  The team at phyiscal therapy went over the top in helping get better. They listened well to my situation and pain levels, performed massage, ultrasound, and ionto patch therapy. They challenged me with the appropriate stretching and exercise plan. Each week I was a little better. Pain went from high levels all day long to 0-1. My foot flex went from 0 to 15 on my right and 12 on my left. Bre, Chad, Bill and Tessa were instrumental in my care. Also Melissa was a bright light managing the front desk, scheduling my appointment and reminder calls. Physical Therapy Consultants is a great place to get well!!"

"I was suffering from severe back pain. After seeing my doctor, she highly recommended North Branch Physical Therapy (located close by County Market). Everyone there was helpful and kind. My physical therapists, Lydia and Katie, especially helped me so that after a short time my back was completely better. Lydia showed me the correct posture for lifting heavier objects off the ground and washing dishes in a deep sink plus working with things from a low table while standing. A great place to go-I highly recommend it for anyone needing physical therapy." Lynda, North Branch Physical Therapy

"Great team. Knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend you to friends and family." Mary, Isanti Physical Therapy

"I have gotten more strength in my ankle and leg. The stairs are getting easier. Walking is also better. My pain from the chronic regional pain syndrom is getting somewhat better. Thank you everyone that helped me succeed!" Michelle, Isanti Physical Therapy

"I had heart surgery which affected my left arm and hand. Coming to therapy helped me get my hand and arm back to normal. I still have some room for improvement which will take some time." Gary

"My hips weren't even. The Therapists made it fun. They talk to me and I like it here." Amanda

"I had pain in my left shoulder especially putting on a jacket or working overhead.  After six weeks of therapy my pain is non-existent. The staff in Ham Lake were great. I would highly recommend them! Loren, Ham Lake Physical Therapy

"I got into a car accident on January 22, 2016. My shoulder had been hurting so bad that if I were to lift it, write, even sleeping I would start crying. I started physical therapy not believing that my shoulder would get better. 16 visits later I am so much stronger and am able to actually do things without complaining. Thank you!" Oksana, Zimmerman Physical Therapy

"About a month ago I hurt my wrist and could not move it, with a lot of pain.  Cindy was very good at massage therapy and coaching me through the exercise plan. Within just 2 weeks, I was 50% better. I thank you very much!" Steve, Isanti Physical Therapy

"On the advice from my surgeon I started coming to physical therapy 2 months prior to my knee replacement surgery. I continued for 4 months afterwards. Over the last 6 months everyone I have worked with has been awesome!! I just want to give a special thanks to Renata and Cindy for their patience when working with me. When I went to my follow up appointment about 6 weeks after surgery my surgeon said that I was doing so well he didn't need to see in 3 months unless i was having problems. I owe all that to everyone at the clinic. Thank you!!" LaRae, Isanti Physical Therapy

"On a field trip I tore my ACL and began PT in North Branch before having surgery in July.  After surgery continued with therapy and was never left to feel alone, or like I was unsuccessful in meeting milestones.  Here I am 3 months post surgery finishing early!! I am so thankful I NEVER gave up!" Shelley, North Branch Physical Therapy

"I walked in to Isanti Physical Therapy on Sept 21st with a cane and pain in my left knee. I went 2x/week, then once a week and I had my last appt on Oct 18th. We did exercises there and got sheets to do at home.  I was treated very well. Becca was the gal who helped me. What a joy and cheerleader for me to be successful. Thank you." Lee, Isanti Physical Therapy

"Everyone was awesome" Patsy, St. Francis Physical Therapy

"Lots of good help-no complaints" Dianne, St. Francis Physical Therapy

"Treatment went well and I have minimal pain. The therapists are always so friendly and helpful, Love it here!!" Debra, St. Francis Physical Therapy

"Two knee revisions in 6 weeks! Did not know if I could do it? Fortunately the staff at Physical Therapy knew I could. They are always professional and prepared to get me to my goals." Al, St. Francis Physical Therapy

"I have attended several different types of Physical Therapies; and for what I have been searching for; "Low impact exercise that helps with my general strength" This is the first one that has done just that! The staff was great too." Julie, Zimmerman Physical Therapy

"I am so blessed to arrange therapy appts in my own home town! My story: I feel May 19, 2016 and dislocated my toes. I had a lot of swelling. It wasn't until I started physical therapy that I realized my recovery would take "a team" working out a plan to my personal needs.  I truly am appreciative of the wonderful attentiveness, pleasant personalities as they listened to my goals. I'm going to miss coming during the week. I am encouraged by the care I received and the well planned exercised to do at home. I highly recommend Physical Therapy Consultants.  Much Thanks. Therese. PS your receptionists are delightful greeters wishing you much success in Zimmerman." Therese, Zimmerman Physical Therapy

"I had neck and back pain after a rear end accident. A friend suggested physical therapy and it's been the best experience for me! The staff is caring and welcoming and I really appreciate the education I recieved on how to care for my back going forward. The experience has been very valuable to me." Rhonda, Isanti Physical Therapy

"I had very bad back and hip pain, so much so that I could barely walk or stand without extreme difficulty. My doctor wrote an order for PT and I chose Zimmerman Physical Therapy because of its proximity to our house. I was assigned to Laura Nelson who promptly and correctly diagnosed my problems and after a few sessions, I was able to resume normal activities without pain. Laura presented me with a series of exercises that further aided my progress. I now consider myself "cured" with a plan to prevent reoccurence. I am very pleased with the care and consideration I was given at ZMPT." Thomas, Zimmerman Physical Therapy

"Great instructions on exercises to strengthen low back. Enjoyed working with the staff, very comfortable atmosphere. My issue resolved quicker than expected!" -Darcie, Ham Lake Physical Therapy

"Thanks to the great staff at Ham Lake PT. You guys are the best from Bill, Bre and Jackie and Paula up front. You all took good care of me and my knee and got me back on the road again. You all do good work. Thanks again." -Gary, Ham Lake Physical Therapy

"When I first started physical therapy I wasn't sure how much it would help my sciatic condition. After a few weeks of prescribed exercises, I am glad to say my mobility has improved and my pain level has dropped from a 5-6 to 0-1. Employees were friendly, curtious, and most helpful in making my visits very enjoyable. Keep up the good work!" -Greg, Ham Lake Physical Therapy

"Therapy helped me get stronger."

"When I started I was having pain wearing my back pack. Now I don't"

"I really enjoyed everyone here. So very helpful. I feel so much better. Bre is so amazing and I am so sorry to be done but so happy I feel so much better."

"Before coming to PT I wasn't able to walk around without a walking boot on my ankle. This is my 4th week of PT and I feel so much better and am back to my usual self. In fact, this past week I've been more active than before my injury. I can say the exercises have definitely helped build my leg muscle strength tremendously!"

"After having my second meniscus surgery within a year and a half, and a lot of arthritis, My recovery started slow. But thanks to Paige and Andover PT my leg is stronger than it has been for a long time!. I've exercised all my life and wasn't sure what exercises I would be able to continue. Paige has shown me exercises I didn't know existed! I now have a home program that will enable me to continue to gain strength and enjoy it at the same time. Thank to all of you!"

"was a great experience. Wonderful friendly staff they got me up and moving helping me with my hip and back pain. I would definitely come back and recommend to others."

"I had an accident in March 20, 2015. In that car accident I broke my femur. It wasn't healing for a year. So I had to go for 3 surgeries. After the 3rd operation on March 2016 I came to St Francis Physical Therapy. They took care of me really well. They know what they are doing. Very friendly with patients. They worked with my leg from the time I was using crutches. I moved to a cane after a few weeks. I'm so glad I can walk without any support."

"The team at Saint Francis PT help me a lot. I have my strength back and I have all the exercises to help me further improve my strength at home. I really enjoyed working with Kaitlyn. She really pushed me through my sessions. Thanks for everything!!"

"I had a full left knee replaced, pinched nerve and a lot of tight muscles. With the help of PT much better now. Went from severe to low moderate pain."

"I had a work related injury to my lower back. Occ Health recommended I have PT. This is a great facility with great staff. Very professional and very friendly. When my husband had a similar injury, no question, go to PTC inc St Francis. I would and have recommended PTC inc."

"Came in with back pain and knee pain. With no answer on how to make it stop but THANKS to the North Branch Physical Therapy I'm in LESS pain that I have ever been and now getting stronger every day! THANK YOU!!!"

"I couldn't walk, more of waddling, because of hip pain. Finally after an MRI, the staff was able to give me the correct treatment. Through ultrasound, exercise, and needling therapy, I no longer waddle and the pain has decreased considerably! Thank you to the staff for my success!"

"It was awesome and it helped me get a new job. Also made the transition of getting hurt at work not so stressful. Very good friendly atmosphere."

"I could hardly get in and out of the car when I came here for therapy because of back pain. The first couple sessions were very tiring but the exercises became easier as I did them and the pain started to lessen. Everyone I worked with has been terrific, helpful and kind. I will return if needed and recommend them."

"I came in with a frozen shoulder. I was not able to move my arm in any direction. Within 3 months time I had complete movement and strength. Thanks to Chad, Katie and Jackie I can now wave Goodbye! Thanks Guys"

"Scheduling the first Physical Therapy appointment was the hardest. I didn't think therapy would make that much difference in my case and who wants to give up their time.  I was so wrong. With in a few short weeks and not all that much time I'm comfortable and moving comfortably.  You just don't know until you try. I would come back if needed. Thy whole staff has been wonderful."

"I had surgery Feb 15 2016. I could barely walk due to a tear in my labrum amongst other problems with the hip. Today I am able to walk with little problems. Still have some pain but nothing compared to what I had before. Gary and Paige have been awesome in my recovery. I don't think I would have done so well without them. Thank you."

"Came to PTC with excrutiating pain in right bicep/rotator cuff. Was unable to use arm. Through 20 sessions of PT I am able to use my arm without much pain. The staff have been professional, worked me hard and were compassionate and fun. I will miss the way they have worked my neck and knotted muscles. I have learned how to self treat for continued care. Thanks to the great staff."

"When I started Physical Therapy my shoulder was so tender and my mobility was severly restricted. I couldn't get my garden in on time, ride my bike, do yoga or water aerobics-anything that involved my shoulder. This past weekend I was able to move my daughters belongings down from one third floor apartment and up to her new third floor apartment! The stretching and strength building exercises, the therapists at Physical Therapy Consultants have taught me have restored my active lifestyle."

"I thought my pain was due to a sprained foot and overworking-so I shrugged it off until I had sharp pain in my back from pushing the gas pedal. Karen was a guiding light for me after a few doctor appts and bad visits to another physical therapy. She got me switched over and set up with no issues. :). My first appt was with Renee and she gave me hope and knowledge. My main therapist was Vivian and she is a miracle worker! I had up and downs through therapy, because I am a little impatient but she was steadfast on my progress.  Thank Goodness, because my life needed to keep going and not stop. I can't recommend this place enough! I wish I would have found them sooner. I feel like they are my friends and I'm going to miss them. Thank you for making me better :)!!!"

"Came here after two back surgeries. Worked with the ladies here, also go print outs to take home to work with. I think it's helped me a LOT, the ladies here were all great to work with."

"Strained a muscle in my lower back, therapists helped with the pain and strengthened my hip/back. I am now back to my original self but IMPROVED!"

"I came in to physical therapy not being able to stand straight. My back was in severe spasm. Now after 14 weeks I can stand tall, bend and roll over in bed-thing I feared I would never be able to do again. Thanks."

"I have a very heavy one year old that wouldn't walk on his own and insisted on being carried which severly hurt my back. After only a few weeks of working with all the great people here I am happy to say that I feel much better! I am able to play with my child without any pain. Thank you Physical Therapy Consultants!"

"The pool therapy was the best!"

"I broke my left leg and didn't want to start to move it so I went to physical therapy. At physical therapy they helped me move my leg and do my favorite things again like biking and jumping on the trampoline. Some other things they did was help me with girlscouts. My favorite thing was work with Kaitlyn and the workers."

"I have had on going back issues for the past few years. I had 3 doctors preparing me for my second back surgery. The surgeon wanted me to try physical therapy. With the help of Chad, Jackie and Brooke a while back I was able to avert surgery. Now I had another flare-up and I feel great after just 5 visits. I am a believer in physical therapy and believe in the staff at Physical Therapy Consultants. You are amazing! Thanks."

"I was experiencing chronic pain in my left ankle for over 6 months. The pain was severely limiting my activity level, specifically it was keeping me from my favorite exercise-walking. Finally, I told my Dr about it and he recommended PT in just 1 short month the therapists at North Branch PT have me back on my feet-literally, and able to get started with a serious walking plan to lose the excess lbs. I gained after quitting smoking. Thanks to Chad and all the staff."

"My knees began hurting worse each day. Found out I had patellar tendonitis, Chad and Katie worked hard to get me feeling like new again and they did. Thanks!"

"I came in with rotator cuff tendonitis. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. They worked with me to reduce the inflammation and rebuild muscle so that I am now able to use my arm like normal."

"I came in with sore and stiff hips after sitting and tightness in my legs and sore hips when sleeping on my side. After my therapy and exercises I have no pain and much greater flexibility in my legs. I plan to continue my exercises indefinitely after seeing my progress. Thank to Katie for all her advice. It has changed my perspective on exercise. Thanks!

"To All the PTs that helped me, Thank you so much. I came in hardly able to walk and now I feel Great. And Thanks to the front desk supoort who were always friendly and willing to help me find a way to set up all my appts. Thanks so much"

"I came in to Zimmerman PT Facility in the middle of Dec 2015. This was the result of a motorcycle accident 2.5 months earlier. Having spent most of that time in a wheelchair an the rest in a hospital bed, I was unable to walk without help and then only short distances. With the help of Vivian and Renee, I am now able to walk mostly normal and do most of the things I used to enjoy. Thanks very much."

"I had a great experience with Isanti PT. The therapist and assistants were top of their game. I especially thought Cindy and Brent were the best. I received many different exercises to do at home and the rationale why I was having pain. This made all the difference in my recovery. I definitely will recommend the Isanti facility. Lucy was the best also."

"After total knee replacement, the team at Zimmerman Physical Therapy got me back on my feet in a matter of weeks-Way ahead of schedule! Great Staff-Very professional."

"Katie helped me get rid of my pain in the neck. Thank you"

"I started therapy with neck and shoulder pain. They did trigger point needling. I had good results from it, less pain and better ROM.  Also lots of exercise at clinic adn home. The staff is wonderful and I felt very comfortable with them. Would recommend this clinic to anyone that needs therapy."

"My neck and back was very sore. And Katie SAVED the day. I feel awesome. Thank you for making that happen."

"I have been to therapy for both shoulders and my right wrist. I would never go anywhere else. Everyone had been super and my treatments were always well planned out and successful. I have been able to call with questions and get the help needed to continue treatment. North Branch Physical Therapy is the best place to be and the results are amazing"

"I wish I would have come to you guys years ago. I have better balance, walking and leg pain. No other physical therapy place or any specialty has helped me this much."

"I came here for my right shoulder rotator cuff. Chad and Katie were wonderful in giving me exercises and pushing me when I needed it. My shoulder is a lot better and am very pleased with N.B Physical Therapy. Thanks Chad, Katie, and Staff"

"In December 2015 I fell and suffered a sever concussion that resulted in significant vision issues, balance issues, and neck sprain. Throughout my treatment time with PTC they were professional, encouraging and always answered my questions thoroughly. Following the treatment plan I have no balance issues, neck pain or eye issues. Chad and Katie are the best!"
"March of 2016 was the start of my physical therapy. With the knowledge and expertise of the therapists and several visits, the pain has been reduced by 95%. I have been taught how to minimize the pain threw the effects of the skilled therapists. My thanks, especially to Gary for all his help"

"To ALL. Coming here not only made my body feel better, you all lifted my spirit even on the most Gloomy days. You are all Keepers in Fishermans terms and I won't forget. My Deepest thanks. Take care, Good KARMA.

"I had broke my finger and was not able to even do chores or my work. I now have complete use of my hand and can do all normal activities "

"I've been feeling successful in therapy because of the treatments and also the exercises I've been taught. The neck treatments they have given me has helped my pain level."

"When I first came in to Physical Therapy, I was worried it would not work due to the fact that I had been seeing a chiropractor for months and saw little improvement. I was extremely surprised when I began to see improvement almost immediately, and am satisfied that I chose to go to Zimmerman Physical Therapy, because not only were the results great, but they were all welcoming and kind."

"I am certain that PT in Zimmerman is who made the difference for my quick recovery from a full right knee replacement. Your personnel and therapists exhibited both knowledge and empathy for me as an individual for what I personally needed for the quickest recovery. Everyone I worked with was pleasant, friendly, and willing to accomodate to provide the best plan to heal correctly and completely with flexibility, a great sense of humor, and just plain Minnesota nice. I will return to your facility for any future PT needed, and will recommend your facility without question! Thank you no only for you expertise, but for your caring attitudes!!"

"When I initially come in to Zimmerman PT-the secretary told be it would be over a week before I could get in. Along came Renee and she squeezed me in the following day! I have been seen here for almost 2 months and have gone from having pain and spasms and difficulty doing daily routines, to being able to do everything I could do before. Viv is awesome and even her "made up" exercises have worked wonders. Thanks to both Renee and Viv-without you I'd never made such huge improvements! Thank you!!"

"I had never previously had any back issues, and had a deep muscle spasm in my lower back that put me out of commission for nearly 3 weeks before I could even walk decently. Once I could drive again, I came here to begin PT. The first 3 weeks were tough and I was in pain, but the staff and PT were fantastic with adjusting to my needs and capabilities. After about 3 weeks, I had a breakthrough and started seeing progress quickly. Every one of the PTs and Jean were so friendly and helpful. It almost makes me sad to be done. Thank you so much for everything."

"I was experiencing severe neck pain. I did not know where to place my head for relief. The physical therapists have been awesome in their massage/manipulation/education (and patience!) while working with me over the many weeks of therapy. I am grateful for their investments with me."

"I came in with pain in my right shoulder and with the help of Gary and the rest of the team at Andover Physical Therapy they not only helped the pain to stop but showed me ways to prevent it in the future. Thank you"

"I am grateful that I went to physical therapy in Andover. All of the therapists and therapist assistants were involved with healing the bursitis in my shoulder. They were so professional and effective besides so friendly and encouraging. The techniques and exercises they taught me have given the guidance and confidence that I will continue to improve. The atmosphere at Andover is so welcoming by all the personnel from Jean in the front to Paige, Kallie, Kerra, and even Gary! Thank you!"

"With this being my first pregnancy, all the aches and pains were new to me. My back pain was the worst, keeping me up at night! I also wasn't able to do a lot of the normal workout things I'd do before. With Vivian and Renee's help, I am back to doing most things I could do before the pain started and no longer losing sleep! Thanks so much guys!!"

"I have always been greeted with a smile. I appreciate the concern the staff had about my care. I worked with Renee and Vivian mostly. On my first appointment I could hardly walk or even drive. As I left my last appointment I contemplated going for a light jog when I got home! They definitely know what they are doing and I learned so much from them about muscles and how they function. I intend on recommending anyone I know to your clinic when they need it, because I know they will get the honest, sincere care they need! Thanks for making me better and a lot stronger!"

"When I started coming to PTC, I just had a total knee replacement. My goal was to not only be pain free, but able to get back on my roller skates. 3 weeks after starting PTC I was able to go rollerskating with my 10 year old. Thank you PTC! Renee and Vivian are the Best."

"I went to Andover PT because it's location was so convenient. I was experiencing a great deal of pain in my arm at night. From the first visit, my arm began to feel better and as the weeks progressed the pain at night completely disappeared. The combination of wonderful massage and exercise coaching not only did the trick on one arm, but improved range of motion in the other arm and my neck. The staff, from the front door to the back was welcoming, obviously knowledgeable, and graciously put up with my whining (which was intended to tease) and bad jokes. Their attitude really motivated me to do the suggested exercises event when I escaped from their clutches. I intend to include them in every day! I can't thank you enough and will sincerely recommend your quality work to anyone who is interested."